District 28 WorkSpaces is a

shared office space

About Workspaces

District 28 WorkSpaces has revolutionized the traditional office environment providing entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses spaces that drives creativity, innovation and collaboration at an affordable rate. This shared office space not only attracts motivated and passionate individuals but also provides a spark for great ideas and conversation.

Facilitate Growth

Working in an environment that houses businesses and individuals from a wide spectrum of industries is a valuable resource that can not be found elsewhere. Our shared offices are designed to include dedicated work desks, providing the flexibility for small to medium sized teams that are looking for cost effective and customized work spaces. Coworking facilitates accelerated growth, as businesses can source capital resources and human capital all under one roof.

Rental Freedom

WorkSpaces does not burden clients with long rental agreements, providing the freedom to structure their own month to month rental term. The amenities available at our communal workspace are unparalleled; high speed internet, free coffee, a Bar Bistro, studio space and screening rooms that seamlessly integrate into your working lifestyle.


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District 28: Toronto’s Creative Cowork Space

Welcome to District 28! We are the neighbourhood’s fun and all-inclusive restaurant. But wait, there’s more to that. As we strive to give you a comfortable and casual space for you to relax and enjoy a meal, we thought of more. And, here we are, offering you the District 28 workspace concept.

Due to the business’ growth, our team has innovated the traditional office environment through a more fun yet efficient one! The cowork space is a fresh idea, where it has slowly been used by many countries today. Here in our town, our creative space is open to all — from college students, business owners, and to freelancers. We have various concepts to offer you.

Our spaces

Here at District 28, we want you to maximize our amenities. To be part of our space, we require memberships. By becoming a member, you could access to the following:

  • 24/7 access
  • Parking
  • Location
  • Join with professionals
  • Exclusive invites
  • Business mailing address
  • Bar or restaurant on site
  • Discounted rates
  • High-speed WiFi connection
  1. Shared Office Space | Private Desk

Shared office space is for individual workers. Albeit working alone is really great (and efficient), the shared office space provides a spark for people to talk about bright ideas and conversation. The biggest benefit of joining this space is rental freedom. You could cancel or forfeit your membership any time without any charges. For as low as C$375 a month, you could get the following:

  • High speed WiFi connection
  • Unlimited free coffee
  • Access to member events
  • Unlimited access to small meeting room
  • Phone booth
  • 24/7 access to your private desk
  1. Private Offices

For as low as C$1, 100 a month, give your teams the perfect spot of working together. Below are what you will get from joining our membership:

  • Unlimited access to small meeting room
  • High-speed WiFi connection
  • 24/7 access to your private desk
  • 3 hours access of boardroom daily
  • Phone booth
  • Unlimited free coffee
  1. Hot Desks

For as low as C$245 a month, our hot desks are the perfect choice for people who are always on the ‘move’. Simply put, this service is the most flexible offer that we could give for those who wish to use our desks for a few days. Below are what you will get from this service:

  • High speed WiFi connection
  • Phone booth
  • 1 hour access of studio daily
  • Unlimited free coffee

Have you chosen a space for you or your team? Give District 28 a call, and we’ll process it right away! 

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