Showcase your talent in an authentic way by choosing District 28 as your event location. Our loft style layout and white walls provide the perfect blank canvas for artists to go wild with. Unleash your creativity and reform our event spaces into your visionary Art Gala. Celebrate your success with friends and loved ones in our larger than life studios. Achieve the most that you can achieve out of your art gala by hosting it at District 28.

Host Your Art Gala Right Here at District 28!

Leslieville’s District 28 is a bar bistro with some of the best food and booze in the city. It is also an event place for all kinds of arrangements! District 28 can be the location for weddings, wedding receptions, birthdays, religious practices, and art galas! Impress your friends and wow the critiques not just with your wonderful exhibit but also with the venue’s high-quality service!

How to Host a Successful Art Gala

Since it is a ‘gala’, it is universally understood as a fancy formal ball. Luckily for you, Leslieville’s District 28 is a high-grade event place for high-rise parties. The staff knows how to serve and support any high-profile event that you need as the host. All that is need to be discussed are the following points:

  1. What is the maximum budget? Expect to spend at least six digits of Canadian dollars to fund this project. You have to pay for the staff, catering services, event planning, and redecoration of the place. 

Of course, it is possible to cut costs by shouldering the responsibilities of one or two items from the bill, but it is still going to cost a good amount. Please be clear of the plan’s maximum budget. The team will be sure to maximize this amount because District 28 loves exceeding expectations!

  1. Set a schedule for the event and the planning stage. There are two kinds of schedules that must be made. One of which is planning the event. Speak with the organizers on setting deadlines and target dates for every stage of the preparation. Missing any of these deadlines could result in a bad launch so please be strict about it. 

The second schedule is about the event itself. The gala is going to last for 6 to 9 hours. That is too much time to let things happen as is. Events like this are normally filled with activities handled by talk show hosts, entertainers, and the host, meaning you! Of course, there should be an hour or two to let visitors explore your displays. 

  1. How should the promotions for your art gala be handled? Of course, your event will be promoted on Leslieville’s District 28’s social media platforms and website. This is for free once the arrangements are settled. However, this is not going to be enough to reach the audiences you wish for because District 28 is a bar bistro. Not many art enthusiasts are tuned to its channels. 

Leslieville’s District 28 does have connections with some of the finest marketing teams but you could also simply hire your own. However, since this is going to be a sophisticated event, it would be wise to keep it ‘invitation-only’. If that is the case then there will be extra charges for ushers and security.


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