Photo studios for rent at District 28 are built with your photography needs in mind. With built in cycloramas, high ceiling and loft style windows for natural light. Our photography studio space can house the perfect photoshoots whether you are looking to shoot portraits, products or food.


Reach all your production and filming needs by harnessing our space as a unique film studio. Our space also features catering, an edit suite, and a screening room for your complete production needs.


Studio 1 is the largest of the studios at District 28. Seamlessly integrated into the privacy of Studio 1, you will find all the desired facilities vital for managing your production efficiently and cost­effectively.


Studio 3 is the “wow” factor event space at District 28. Studio 3 is worthy of your grandest ideas; the soaring ceiling of this awe­inspiring space breeds imagination and catalyzes creativity. This crown jewel defines inspiration.


No matter if you are using the studios for photography, filming, production, or costume fitting our space offers a number of amenities that can make your vision come to life.


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Have Your Shoot at the District 28 Studios

You may be familiar with the District 28 Bar and Bistro. But, District 28 is more than just its offered food and drinks. We want to expand our brand to other creative outlets. 

Our vision has taken us to launch a coworking space and the District 28 studios, along with the bar and bistro. We want to be the central hub for established and upcoming artists in the Toronto area. Art is unlimited. It is all-inclusive.

That’s why we’ve built District 28 on this belief. It is a space you can go beyond the boundaries of your imagination – whether it be in food, in our coworking spaces, or studio.

It is our desire to cultivate a culture of collaboration and encourage creative pursuits in Toronto’s art and culinary scene. District 28 is more than just a space, but a movement. Our patrons’ utmost support is what keeps us going. Stay on the path of freedom in imagination with District 28.

Film and Photography Studio

We’ve got 2 studios we could rent out at the moment. The first studio is 4,300 square feet. Rental price starts at $600. The second studio is smaller at 1,500 square feet with rental price starting from $440.

Photo studio

We know your needs as a photographer. This is the reason we’ve built the photo studio with you in mind. Equipped with the essentials and other bonus features, you can get the best results for your photoshoots. The space features:

  • High ceiling area
  • Loft style windows to illuminate the every corner with natural light
  • Built-in cycloramas

Whether it’s for portraits, products, magazines, or food, the studio is perfect for any type of photoshoots you have in mind.

Film studio

The unique space provides you with all the necessary tools and equipment for your filming and production needs.


  • Catering and coffee services

You, and your team, can enjoy hearty and filling meals to feel energized throughout the shoot. The District 28 Bar and Bistro offers catering services and packages ideal for your budget. We know coffee is the best energy-boosting drink. Grab a warm cup from our bistro located on-site.

  • Editing room

If you’re looking for a place for your post-production needs, this is it. We’ve got it all for you: high speed WiFi, Adobe Creative Cloud, and so much more. This editing space is equipped with the latest technology and editing software. You don’t need to leave the building just to get those final touch ups done on your photo. 

  • Conference hall

Brainstorm all you want in this collaborative space. Our 12-person meeting room can be rented out along with the studio.

  • Screening room

Before showing it on premiere night, you can privately view your film first in our screening room. 

Contact Us

For other rental inquiries and prices on add-on features, please contact us directly. We’re happy to attend to your needs. Drop by the District 28 studios to see what our place has to offer.